Monday, April 2, 2012

In this particular cartoon, little red riding hood and the bad wolf are portraying Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, two people who have been recently discussed more than anyone in the country this past month.  Trayvon Martin was a seventeen year old boy who was visiting his father in a neighborhood in Florida. Zimmerman was said to be the neighborhood watch-man. On his way back from the corner store, while on the phone with his girlfriend, Trayvon was murdered by Zimmerman for supposedly looking "suspicious" according to Zimmerman's standards...  A black kid with a hoodie on! Zimmerman was not charged of any crime due to Florida's self-defense law, he also claims that Trayvon's hoodie (that he was wearing when he was killed) gave him a feeling that Trayvon was a thug or up to no good, and this is the absolute controversy of this horrific tragedy. The cartoon shows the bad wolf has shot red riding hood to death, and the police officers at the crime scene look to be nonchalauntly pondering on whether or not to arrest him. The caption shows that the wolf is claiming self-defense, which may be his pass to escape prosecution; just like George Zimmerman was not charged for shooting Trayvon & taking an innocent person's life.
The author of this cartoon definitely seems to be on Trayvon's side of the controversial case, feeling that the police, and the shooter in this horrible situation just blatenly don't care about this wrong-doing.

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